how does your garden grow?

Mine isn’t – growing, that is. Yet. But it’s in the early stages! Hubby has a whole lot of seeds planted, and some are actually beginning to be recognizable. Our little greenhouse is once again green on the inside. And wonder of wonders, we finally found that linoleum for the floor – YAY!

… ‘course … we found it several months ago … I just haven’t been keeping up with the gardening end of things lately, what with the sewing frenzy that has taken over. But that’s all about to change. Just as soon as I get this one purse finished that I’m working on right now.

See, we weren’t even sure if we’d have a garden this year, since we put the house on the market back in November. Well, it sat there looking forlornly out at the For Sale sign in front for months, and all of a sudden, we got an offer! That phase lasted just long enough to cost us a few hundred bucks for inspections and earnest money and the like on another house, only to have our buyers back out at a most inopportune time. But *sigh* that’s the way the mop flops, the ball bounces, and the grinder grinds, so I’m told.

Spencer tried to help us out, though – he ate the mop. Doggy indigestion is a pitiful sight, by the way, and it didn’t stop the mop from flopping either. At least he didn’t inhale. We found all the pieces except the part that held the mop on the handle. I haven’t discovered its grave yet – he sure dug a deep hole for that little treasure!

Now that we’ve established that bouncy balls and floppy mops aren’t much fun, we have moved on to bigger and better things. The house is back on the market, but we’re going to proceed as though we will be here for a very long time. Hey, we might even unpack all those boxes we’d packed in anticipation of ‘the move’! It could happen … but … it probably won’t.

But one thing that WILL happen is a garden! Good thing the tractor didn’t sell when we put it on Craig’s List! We’d REALLY be in Hurt City now, huh?

I will have some pretty cool shots of the hothouse soon. I just need to remember to take the camera when I walk up the hill.


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