uhm…yah…not sew much

I shall make something. Immediately, if not sooner.

At least that was the plan before all the upheaval in the last few weeks. After the dust settles I may be able to get back to the sewing corner – or hey! maybe even back to the sewing ROOM. It could happen.

That purse pattern I cut out a couple of weeks ago? Kinda dumb. It still hasn’t figured out how to make itself, the lazy bum – just lies there on the cutting table lookin’ at me. Reckon I’ll have to make it myself after all *sigh* Well, at least I have pretty material.

All that other material was slated for the auction block. Like pullin’ teeth to let fabric go in any form other than a finished project. Grit yer teeth, woman – this is gonna hurt!


I just. couldn’t. do it.

The final outcome TBA . . . . shortly . . . or maybe longly


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