HA! and YOU thought I was done with bibs and leather … NOT!

NNNNNNNNOOOPE! But I am now. Done with the leather pants, that is. There were hardly enough slivers left to show (but, of course, I’m gonna show ’em anyway). And this is what came leaping and cavorting all over my sewing table from that last fair-sized sliver of leather. What to do with cavorting leather? Make a phone case, of course – what else!!

The shape of the top? Well, that’s because that was the shape of the sliver. So I just gotta go with it. And that little strip that goes ante-gogglin’ across the body? Yep – I had to sew two slivers together to make it the right width, and that little bit of lining material just covers up the seam in a most ingenious way – looks like I planned it that way. Amazingly, it was *just* long enough to fit all the way around the phone. The sides were done from three small strips just under an inch wide. I sewed them together into one longer strip, and cut it to fit the sides of the pouch. I had to use pretty small seam allowances – somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4. Luckily there’s not much strain on a phone case, so it should be all right.

And I had just enough lining material left to make this, plus a little bit to fix the fabric-covered button on her purse that came apart. I don’t think it’ll be too rebellious in the future, though, after I gave it a good talkin’ to with the hammer and pliers. Well … OK … just with the pliers – but I wanted to talk with the hammer!

SO – now my friend is not only sporting a size 12 purse, she is also the proud owner of a phone case to match. Not that she needed one, mind you. But I had to stop that wild party on my sewing table! Leather jumping all over the place, evading my every attempt at subduing it, resisting a respectably functional life – see, I just HAD to take action! When I finally corralled it, it took every bit of my sewing prowess to actually produce that usefulness. And boy, did it fight me, every step of the way! The first two tries were aborted. Bad. Very bad. But thankfully, this particular piece of leather finally cooperated, and gave a fair performance in the end.

And how ’bout those bibs? I’ll be posting a little bit about them too. Just wait and see!


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