Betty Bowlegs and Sister Susie

Done with making bibs? You kiddin?? I’m just getting started!

Yep, still contributing to the overall cleanliness of our younger generation. But, having no younger generation in my house, I decided I needed a model. And since I didn’t have one the proper size, I rummaged – and I do mean rummaged – through a mountain of stuffed toys and other junk stuff at our local H2O (Help and Hope to Others), and found a 19″ (newborn size) doll. It’s a bit smaller than I want, but it’ll do in a pinch, as my foster father used to say (only he said peench). The bibs were just a wee bit overpowering for it, so I’m guessing they’re more a 6-month-old size. Seems that size baby doll is nigh onto impossible to find – hey! I wonder if I could find a mannequin?? It could happen!

You just know I had to name my new find; she is now fondly christened Betty Bowlegs, for obvious reasons. And her “sister” is Susie – a gift from the friend I made the size-12 purse for. Susie’s not exactly the proportions I need in the neck, but she gives me an idea of what the bibs will look like on a bigger model. And she’s cute, so that covers a multitude of perceived shortcomings, doncha think?

Here they are (see photos below), modeling the bibs. The white one I call a poncho bib, because it reminds me of – what else?? – a poncho. It was the easiest to make so far. I just cut a rectangle from terry cloth, used a coaster to cut the hole for the head, and then slit the short side to make it easy to get on the baby. The bias tape was made from the last of the paisley material, then a strip of Velcro added to the slit. This one is reversible. I only had one of those cute flat buttons. I made the flower yoyo from a scrap of the paisley, and found that butterfly button in my collection. This idea came from another friend who was describing a bib her kids had when they were little. I figured the old adage was true: if you can imagine it, you can make it. So I did.

Susie is modeling the Country Calico and the Cowgirl Cutie for our viewing pleasure. Betty sports the poncho and the Cowgirl Cutie (talk about sibling rivalry!) Cowgirl is from the same pattern as the red bandana bib  (bet you never guessed that, huh?).


All that’s left…I see another project in the making here!

One of our missionary wives is due to give birth any day, and as they serve the LORD in a farming/ranching area, I’m thinking either Cowgirl Cutie or Country Calico might find a new home very soon.

Well, there ya have it, the end of the leather pants saga, but just the beginning of the baby bib binge (doncha just love alliteration).

By the way, speaking of alliteration, did you know I belong to the SSS? That’s right, I have now begun a new club, and you are most welcome to join. It’s the Sliver Savers Society – I’ll be President, and you can be … uhm … you can be ….


2 thoughts on “Betty Bowlegs and Sister Susie

  1. So cute LubbyGirl and I love the bibs, you are very cleaver but not just with your hands but with your gift of creativity too. As for the bow legs, don’t we all have them ??? 🙂

    Christian Love – Anne


    • yup. that we do. have bow legs, I mean! 😆
      I wish I could say I have a brainbow to share, but I don’t. My brain doesn’t seem to have any shimmering bits of light to share lately, so I’ll just let it sit on the back burner for a few days and see if any creative juices start simmering again.


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