Hey! Y’all a-follerin’ me? Y’are? YAY!!!

WOW!! Really??  T W O   H U N D R E D  followers ? ? ?

Oh. Uhm … hey … this means … I have a great big responsibility. OH.MY.GOODNESSGRACIOUS.MEOHMY!

As Doug (I love that doggy) said in UP, “I just met you, and I love you.” Well … I haven’t actually MET you (except maybe for my sister – hi Sis!! oh – and my friend Debra – hi Debra!! oh – and hubby – hi honey!!!), but the last part is accurate.

I   L O V E   Y O U ! ! !


15 thoughts on “Hey! Y’all a-follerin’ me? Y’are? YAY!!!

      • “Bloggy waters” — what an excellent metaphor!!! I have to remember that one.

        You know, of course, that writers and speakers have a 4-step process that they go through when using (stealing) effective quotes. The first time they use a quote, they give full credit: “John Doe said, ……….” The second time they use it, the wording changes to, “I’ve often heard it said, and I agree that ……….” The third time, they just state the quote with no reference to anyone else. And the fourth time, they say, “As I’ve always said, ………”


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