it WASN’T sewing machine envy! my hubby just loves me, that’s all. Really!

new toy


He didn’t buy me this fancy new sewing machine JUST so he could have my old one. Nope nope nope. He bought it for me because he LOVES me.

And he wanted my old one.

hubby's new toy


But he bought it for me because he loves me. Really. And to prove it, the new one is fancy-dancy-schmancy (hereafter to be known as FDS), and my old one was just fancy-dancy (known as FD). My REALLY-OLD one (we’ll call it older than dirt – or OTD) wasn’t even fancy – but it still works, only in an I’m-older-than-dirt-why-do-you-make-me-work-so-hard mode. I’ve only had it 30+ years, and it was used when I got it. Hmmmm….I wonder if FDS will last another 30 years??

Hubby was using OTD to make moccasins. It was getting to be a crabby old thing, moaning and groaning and complaining about being overworked and underpaid. FD breezes right through those suede moccasins like they were made out of cotton. ‘course … FD is just a youngun compared to OTD.

OTD – older than dirt

Wanna see what I made on FDS, as soon as I got it home? I know, I know. Some folks get a sugar-high. I get a sewing-high. I think I was close to sensory overload – a sewing frenzy overtook me, and cast all semblance of calm, rational thinking right out the window with the cat. Oh. wait. We don’t have a cat … right out the window with the cap (nightcap, that is. as in no sleep a-comin’ that night!). True story. I was up until way, way past 0-dark-hundred, past 0-dark-thirty, and almost into yawn-forty-five. I did make it out of bed for church Sunday morning, though – some things are just more important than sleeping in.

Sew … er … SO … did I manage to stir up any sewing machine envy??


12 thoughts on “it WASN’T sewing machine envy! my hubby just loves me, that’s all. Really!

  1. What fun! I’m still using the sewing machine I got in high school (which was LONG time ago!!!) and I’ll be sad when it quits . . . but then I’ll probably get a FDS and wonder why I waited so long! 🙂


    • yeah, I hear ya! I got my OTD at a swap meet in Avondale (or was it Phoenix? can’t remember now) when my 32-year-old was a baby. It still works great, but has no free arm, and that’s what hubby needed for making those moccasins. Aw shucks, reckon I’ll just give up my Janome and take his offer of a new Husqvarna. 🙂


  2. It seems easier to spend money on my honey, rather than I. And even easier to spend someone else’s money (as our living examples are followed out on Capital Hill). Besides, what do I need? I got all the clean socks and underwear that I will need for a long time, along with your good cooking.


  3. I have an itch that I would like sewing…I just need to first learn how. I did buy an old retro machine from the flea market and brought it in for an evaluation and fine tuning. It should work now! And I have fabric waiting…now I should just get to work! 🙂


    • Oh, it is so much fun to see something come together on that sewing table. You have a treasure there in that machine – I’m considering having my old one gone through and keeping it for a backup, just in case these fancy-dancy-schmancy ones blow an electron or something. Always good to have a backup! 😆


  4. Very nice! You have a generous hubby. I have a question for you…what machine do you think is better a Bernina or a Viking? A couple of friends have bernina’s and they seem really nice. I have a “sensible” one as my husband calls it, most of us would call it a cheap one! 😉 It is fine and works great but there is something about a bernina that calls out to me.


    • Well, I can’t say I know anything at all about a Bernina, and I’m just now learning about a Viking. 🙂 I was just getting used to a Janome, and had gotten pretty familiar with that old Dressmaker over the years. I’d say, do a little research (NOT the voice of experience speaking here, by the way), and go for it if you like the Bernina. That’s my take on it, anyway. 😆


  5. I think I would have some sewing machine envy if I hadn’t gotten my Miss Dorothy Brown 6 months ago! My OTD machine (which was really only about 7 years old..) was disagreeing with me and finally just gave up. Thankfully I have awesome parents and they just got me a new one. My husband suggested taking a shotgun to the old one after all the troubles it gave me, but I just don’t have the heart to put it out of its poor old misery. I’ve been thinking lately that I should probably just get it fixed and donate it to the young women at church.


    • Oh, the fun of getting a new machine! Does OTD have metal parts or plastic? Mine has metal parts, and I just opened it up myself and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and toothpicks and Q-tips, and then oiled it really well with sewing machine oil. Then I played with the top tension until I got a decent line of stitches. I didn’t mess with the bobbin tension, though…that’s definitely out of my realm of expertise. But doing all that other stuff made OTD work for a few more years! 🙂


      • I think its just a problem with the bobbin case, which is plastic so I need a new part, but the machine has given me problems for a long time. My mother in law has one I used every once in a while when it REALLY started giving me headaches, and she’s had that for 30+ years and it still works fine! I think some of the newer ones just aren’t built like they used to be!


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