Anniversary? Was that TODAY??

happy anniversary TO ME

happy anniversary TO ME

Boy, talk about forgetful!! I had totally messed up in my mind exactly when I’d first gotten on WordPress. It was today!

Well … not exactly … TODAY

It was one year ago as of today. But who’s counting? Obviously, not me. I thought it wasn’t until March 12, but WordPress disagrees with that date.

And I was going to do a little giveaway thingy next month, on my “anniversary.” WHICH, by the way, March 12th is actually my 12th anniversary with my job. Hmmmm….do I detect a slight date-calendar error?? Just a smidgen of job/blog mix-up? Could be, could be.

But, be that as it may, I’d still like to do a giveaway,  and mail it on the date I’d originally planned to do a giveaway – March 12.

I will give away this purse – minus that little swivel hook (I had it on there to try it out when I made the purse).

Naturally, the next question is, how does a person go about doing a giveaway? From what I’ve seen on other blogs, there are certain criteria I need to explain right at the get-go about how to enter to win this.

  • First, leave a comment here. You may also share on Facebook, etc – and then leave a comment saying you shared. Tell me if you like any other things on my “All My Stuff” page. Or, tell me what you’d like to see posted on this blog, or your favorite post you’ve seen so far, or that you’re a follower on this blog or on one of my other two, or that you’ve just begun to follow one (or all! I’m not picky). Or, just a comment telling me what you think about giveaways and comments. Yah, whatever you feel like commenting on. I read ’em all! You can get extra chances to win by going to Lovin the trip or Don’t Carry the Donkey! (my other two blogs) and leaving a comment also. I’ll be doing a giveaway on those too, so you may be in the running three times – hey, it could happen!
  • Second, who is eligible for this giveaway? Anyone in the USA who leaves a comment on this post (comments left on my Facebook page won’t count, but I’ll still read them!). I would love to be able to offer this outside the USA, but I just can’t afford the postage. But who knows – if this turns out well, maybe I’ll get brave and try an international giveaway in the future.
  • Finally, I’ll pick a winner on March 5, and it will be mailed March 12. I’ll mail it in a flat rate priority envelope.

You may be wondering what method I’ll use to choose a winner – it will be purely random. Since I have no idea how to use those random generator things I’ve seen on other blogs, I will make one of my own (hey, after all, I AM the REmissionary, right?). I’ll count the number of comments after the giveaway ends Monday night (5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time), and make that many numbered slips. I’ll put them into my handy-dandy number-picking hat that I save just for this sort of occasion, and have hubby pull one out for me. That will be the winning entry.

I have a feeling this will be the most fun I’ve had since those strawberry waffles hubby made for me last week! And trust me, if I compare something to strawberries, you KNOW it’s gotta be good!!

15 thoughts on “Anniversary? Was that TODAY??

    • Well, I sure had fun thinking it up. 😆 I’ve been wanting to try my hand at this for oh…about…a year. The time has come, the walrus (or in this case, the REmissionary) said. 😆


  1. What a sweet idea! Thanks for thinking of us! This little jeans purse is honestly one of my top favorites! (though I’m always amazed with the creativity you pour into your work – so much creativity & talent)


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