On the last leg … sew long!

Remember these?

Sew long. Literally!  This marathon is on its last leg.  This third purse was a bit of a marathon all by itself. I mean, how many times do I have to make one purse before I get it right??? This one was three times – or was it four? But who’s counting! I’m done…do you hear me?

D O N E  

I believe I got more miles out of those leather pants this way than I ever would’ve gotten from their originally intended purpose.

But wait! There’s more!!

There’s still enough left 🙂 of this leg (down around the ankle) to make a checkbook cover to match this purse. Problem is, though, there’s not enough of those fine lookin’ jammies I used for the liner, so I reckon I’ll have to use that last little scrap as a decorative accent to the black lining. Oh well – it’s big enough to make a cardholder pocket, so all is not lost.

As I’ve said before – SAVE THE SLIVERS! Not much went in the waste basket on this project. And two of those purses have found happy homes, so I’m one happy camper tonight. This one will be around for awhile, unless somebody decides they like it when my friend and I have our next sales booth. Then I’ll start another round and make myself a new one.


7 thoughts on “On the last leg … sew long!

    • you’re right at the top, standing on both legs!! 🙂 I am SO GLAD you liked it – and now I’m getting ready to make a checkbook cover from that last little piece of the left leg. It’s just wide enough and plenty long enough…so…woo hoo! New cover a-comin’!!! 😆


    • thanks so much – that was the last little piece of a pair of too-small jammies. I have one piece left, about 4 by 7 inches, that will work perfectly for that checkbook cover! 😆


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