So – what size purse do YOU wear?

My friend gave me a pair of black leather pants. They’re really cool. Fully lined, full-figure fit, falling freely from faist to foot (OK, so I made that word up, just for the sake of alliteration. So sue me. No, don’t!).

I did the proper thing with the pants, and used them for their intended purpose. Yes, that’s right – I cut the legs off and made a purse from the top. Yah, it’s really cool.

Oh…did I forget to take a picture of me wearing those pants?? OOPS – oh well, too late. Oh, and I was jes the purdiest THANG, sportin’ those leather britches! Ach, you should’ve seen me.Β Or … maybe not.

Oh, well … OK – but don’t say I didn’t warn you! And you’ll have to use your imagination for the full-length effect – that’s one visual that will not be seen here. Ever. But, here’s a hint of how they looked on me … cute, huh? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, the purse is kind of nice, but big for my taste. I did mention that the pants fit me perfectly, didn’t I? Imagine that size as a purse. I may wear a size 12 pants, but I wear a size 4 purse!

She also gave me a pair of jammies to use for the liner. But, since the pants were already lined, I just used one leg of the jammies to make pockets for the inside, to line the handles, make a belt, and to cover the button. There’s enough of the jammies and the leather pants left to make a size 4 purse.

I discovered that working with leather is a challenge for me, mainly because I have to be so RIGHT when I do the seams. I cannot claim the seam ripper as my friend on this project. You just don’t sew a seam and then rip it out on leather. Nope. That’s why this one has taken me longer than others made from denim or cotton. I can rip and tear all day on those materials, and nary a mark to show my lack of skills – unless you count those almost imperceptible rips here and there, where the seam ripper got a hitch in its gitalong and went slightly sideways. I usually can cover those little mishaps up by making the seam allowance bigger. Leather, on the other hand, shows every single misguided motion of the needle, and makes me work harder to make sure I’ve got the measurements right the first time. *sigh*

Another thing that has GOT to be done right the first time (can you hear the voice of experience speaking here?) is putting the rivets in. The holes have to be measured and punched right, and the rivets have to be set exactly straight. Dire consequences result from not following these two guidelines. Hopefully, those misguided attempts won’t show too much on the finished product, and the rivets will hold.

Well, so … there ya have it, my first ever leather purse from size 12 pants. What size purse do YOU wear??


26 thoughts on “So – what size purse do YOU wear?

  1. Yes it was a riveting morning as she needed a thick metal plate to set the rivets. I decided to lie on the floor so that she could use the one imbedded in my forehead. But I could not talk her into trying on the leather pants/shorts before she altered them.


  2. This is adorable! I know what you mean about it being too big, though. Living in a small town now I need a size 1 purse, maybe even a zero. What do I need to carry with me when I walk a block and half to the store or the post office? I probably don’t need a purse at all. I can just put my key in my pocket.


    • yep – sometimes I do just that. πŸ™‚ But then, I usually take my phone, and my ID & debit card (just in case we stop for lunch, mind you), and my keys, and so forth. Might as well carry a size 4 with me, then, eh? πŸ˜†


  3. I love how you bagged them LubbyGirl, your very cleaver, I just wear them! how boring Hmmmm can you design a hat to wear with them but just wondering what you will start with. ???

    Christian Love Anne


  4. Hi again LubbyGirl, your creativity is a wonderful gift I may never need a baggy bag but I will always enjoy your sharing, it’s one of a kind, you are indeed unique.

    Christian Love Anne.


  5. I meant to give you some smilies LubbyGirl as they have blocked me from leaving a like on your Blog … so one to get ready πŸ™‚ and one to go πŸ™‚ one to finish πŸ™‚ and that’s the show!

    Take Care – Christian Love – Anne.


    • Who blocked you? WordPress?? Maybe I have my settings wrong or something – not very computer-smart, I’m afraid. I will just consider this comment as a TRIPLE-LIKE! woo hoo – never got a TRIPLE-LIKE before, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! πŸ˜€


  6. I read this on the train on the way in to work, and had a good chuckle. People probably thought I was a little off my rocker, but oh well. It’s unfortunate the pants were a wee bit to big for you, but the bag is really nice. I personally hate carrying a purse, just because it’s one more thing I have to worry about. Keep up the awesome REmissionary work you do! πŸ˜€


    • yah – people look at me in that funny, “what’s so funny?” way sometimes too, when I’m reading in public. Oh well – good thing I don’t mind “the look,” as I call it. The pants, unfortunately, fit me perfectly, which means I need to curb my appetite and encourage my limbs to swing more freely in the open breeze (exercise, to be precise). The purse is perfect for folks who like big purses – I prefer size 4 or smaller, myself. πŸ™‚


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