Read All About It!

Yes, still at it with the sewing machine, even though I should be checking the inside of my eyelids for holes right about now. Tonight I finally made a Kindle cover. My son got me a Kindle for Christmas, and I’d like to carry it in my purse, but was afraid I’d mash it or break the screen or something. Then I came across a blog site with the best tutorial on how to make a Kindle cover. It was posted on, and the blog is called Chica and Jo (this is a direct link to the blog, if you don’t want to go through the allfreesewing blog). I used a scrap of liner material left over from the flop-top purse I made for my friend’s daughter at Christmas.

remember this? The cross/body flop-top made for my friend's daughter.

remember this? see that liner?? Yup – that’s it!

I did this in about 2 hours (I know, I’m slow). I was totally amazed at how well it came together! Now I can set my Kindle up and read it a lot easier, and not worry about it getting messed up in my purse or travel bag. I love these helpful blog sites!!

Now, not to, uhm, put any pressure on or anything like that, but I hope very soon to see a few of these floating around on at least a few of the blogs I follow. I think you’ll find the tutorial provided by Chica and Jo very helpful and clear.

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