Well…it’s nice…but nothing to lose sleep over

Yep, that’s what my sweet hubby told me this morning, after I’d just successfully completed a major purseathon. Granted, it’s nothing to write home about, but hey! I thought it was kinda cute. And it works for me. πŸ˜† And it only took me until 1:00 a.m. That’s not really a purseathon, is it? See, I knew you’d see it my way.

Anyway, I was using the other leg of the pants I’d used to makeΒ the flop-top purseΒ (see that picture there? that’s it). Well, this one started out to be a flop-top like the one I’d just done, but that just wasn’t working. Yep…you guessed it…took it totally apart and started over. πŸ˜†

(remember this? the flop-top purse I was just talking about – yeah, THAT one!)

remember this? The cross/body flop-top made for my friend's daughter.

well…the new one doesn’t look exactly like this

What went wrong, you ask? Well, not EVERYTHING, it just seemed like it. Here’s a brief (aren’t ya glad) rundown on the little hiccups from last night (hic hic hic UP).

  1. The iron-on interfacing wouldn’t stay ironed on the lining. I never knew that lining material could curl up like that! Wish I’d gotten a picture – it was actually kinda funny.
  2. The top of the bag was going to be just a smitch (yah, you know that word – it’s just short of a smidgen) too narrow. So how do you fix a smitch? You sew a strip on to make it just a bit wider. Again, no photos.
  3. When I finally got it put together, the pocket I’d put on the front was too stiff and wouldn’t let the top flop. No flop-top. And you guessed it…no pictures. Are you getting the feeling that I was focused on sewing and not on photos?
  4. The handles were crooked! GASP!!! That makes the purse hang wonky, and that’s no fun. So, off with ’em! As we used to say when I was a kid, “do-over!”

But after I took it completely apart and started over, I think I like the end result better than my first idea. And ya know what’s REALLY cool? I didn’t lose an ounce of skin on this project. No bloody stubs sticking out from my palms – unlike the t-shirt blanket episode. Oh, yeah…well…maybe I exaggerate just a smitch. I only had one bloody stump sticking out on that one. Uhm…OK…maybe just one bloody pinky…and just the tip of that pinky. MAN – ruin a good sympathy-seeking story when I have to be truthful!!

OK…here is the final product of my all-nighter. It ended up being a flap-top instead of a flop-top, but I actually like it this way. It shows the entire array of flowers on the front, instead of only half like in a flop-top, and it’s easier to get things into it. Plus, the cross-body strap hangs much better now that I put the holders on the sides instead of the back. There is always a fix!

flap was a pocket - much better as a flap and not a flop

flap was a pocket – much better as a flap and not a flop

pocket would have been half-covered by a flop-top

pocket would have been half-covered by a flop-top

that curly liner straightened out! Yup, already using it.

that curly liner straightened out! Yup, already using it.

Hey…I just thought of something. I wonder if this would count as my idea of a resolutionΒ for this week’s photo challenge?? I mean, I did resolve to git er dun before I stopped last night. OK, that’s what it is – it’s my idea of a resolution!! Did I mention that there is ALWAYS a fix? πŸ˜†


14 thoughts on “Well…it’s nice…but nothing to lose sleep over

        • My bedroom closet. So far the only people who have been even remotely interested are family and close friends, and most of the stuff I make I end up giving away. But I’m OK with that. When I am fortunate enough to sell something I give 90% of the money to the mission I’ve chosen to support, and that hasn’t been much so far, but enough to keep me interested. I think I’d make these things even if I NEVER sold one. I just get some sort of mental/physical/emotional joy out of the whole process.


          • That is great! I agree that the creating is the best part, and so far I’m also giving away or donating what I make. But, as you may have noticed, I’m also trying to support my sewing/crafting friends’ small businesses (and I may even jump in myself someday!), so if you ever decide to open an Etsy shop or something please let me know! πŸ™‚ Hugs, Katherine


          • yes, I have noticed that on your blog – and I think it’s WONDERFUL! If I ever figure out how to do that (get an Etsy thingy going), and get an inventory built up, I will definitely let you know. Thanks so much for the offer!! πŸ™‚


  1. Very nice! I like both styles to look at, but I like the flap style best to use. Like you said, easier to get things into, and it allows more space for “stuff”. I end up with lots of assorted stuff in my purse, so I like roomy ones. I definitely think your git er dun flap purse project qualifies as a resolution! A creative and beautiful one πŸ™‚


    • thanks so much. I tend to end up with a lot of ‘stuff’ stuffed in my purse too, so a small one doesn’t work long for me. The last one I made (the front/back pockets of a pair of jeans one) worked great, because my Kindle fits perfectly in that back pocket. I will probably switch back/forth between these two.


  2. Wow I love your perserverance when sewing goes astray. I think I would have chucked it in the UFO basket for a few months before finishing it. I love the embroidery and how you have placed it on the bag.


    • Well, I wish I could lay claim to that embroidery, but I can’t. It’s some sort of melt-on fabric paint stuff that was on the jeans when I got them. I thought they were awful as jeans but great as purses.


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