dun de dun dun … DONE!

I have finished it – before New Year’s!! Now, that’s something to write home about. And hubby is quite happy with his Christmas present. He’s already using it, and that makes me very, very happy.

Most valiant efforts of this caliber involve at least a modicum of blood, sweat, and tears. Although there was a bit of bloodshed involved, at least there were no tears, and CERTAINLY no sweat. I did manage to remove a small chunk of pinky Thursday night in the line of duty, but only spilled a drop or two of blood on the blanket. There’s definitely something to be said for direct pressure on an open wound. (Translation: I wasn’t watching the pin placements as I moved the bulk of the quilt around.)Β Those quilting pins areΒ SHARP, just thought I’d let you know.

Oh, I feel so much better about myself. The Christmas present is finished, hubby is happy, the blanket didn’t fall apart in the washer/dryer, and I didn’t totally destroy the sewing area in the process. The knowledge that folks may want to come look at the house is an excellent incentive to clean as I go. Yep … whatever works, eh?

And here it is in its completed state, my first full-size quilt. To clarify: the only other quilting I’ve done was a lap blanket. And I managed to do the whole thing on my Janome. No hand quilting yet – maybe that’ll be the next thing I try. πŸ˜†


Actually … the next project is a flop-top purse, but hey, who knows? It COULD involve some hand quilting.


20 thoughts on “dun de dun dun … DONE!

    • thanks so much … he’s using it right now as a couch blanket, which is what he wanted. makes me happy, like getting a Christmas present myself through watching his enjoyment. πŸ˜†


  1. Great job! I made a t-shirt quilt for my brother out of his old shirts a long time ago. Funny how attached they get to their shirts… many of them he had saved over 20 years! My husband will never get a t-shirt quilt because he insists on wearing his until the fabric is falling apart… and I’m not talking about just at the seams! It’s no wonder your husband was so happy with this. And I agree with clean as you go because company’s coming being a great motivation. It’s about the only one that works for me I’m sorry to say!


    • boy howdy on that! when I know folks are coming over, it’s amazing the time I manage to find to clean!! πŸ™‚ and thanks so much – he does hang onto his clothes for a long time, and he was so happy to get this done for him. I love making him happy.


  2. YAY!! Good for you! I love to quilt but I have never done a T-shirt quilt. This is a super accomplishment. Don’t worry about hand quilting. Everyone is machine quilting these days. I do enjoy hand quilting and can’t wait to get my quilt frames up in my new house, though.
    Thanks for sharing your accomplishments. It inspires me to get started again.


    • You have a quilting frame? That’s great!! I tried to hand quilt when I was a teenager, on my foster mother’s quilting frame. Pretty pathetic…she had to rip it out and do it right, but I’m OK with that now. It is fun to do this, though, especially when it’s finished!!


  3. Very nice – I was in the process of making a tshirt quilt featuring the places we have been and held off on it because I was not sure how to place the squares because they are all a bit different sized, but your quilt gave me a great idea. You did a great job I love the red strips going down it brings a pizzazz to the quilt and brings it all together! πŸ˜‰ PS – these would be my tshirts, like any man, my DH wears his till he can’t wear them no more!! LOL


    • and that’s what hubby did – wore them til they were stained and stretched and holey (spell-check doesn’t like that word) and wearing out. The red strips are from one t-shirt, the one I took that little red American Roofing eagle square from. I hope you post a picture when you get it done!!


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