What’s Yours Is Mine and What’s Mine Is


Hello – my name is Spencer, and I’ve been asked by my human to do a guest post on her blog, and tell all about what’s mine. (I’m the proud owner of two magnificent specimens of humanity – they paid me in doggy biscuits to say that.)

As I was saying . . . where was I? Oh yes – this weekly photo challenge about “Mine.”   I just need to explain one tiny detail here, before I begin. I own this entire house. The yard is mine too. The cars are mine, but since my license (driver, not doggy) expired, I let the humans drive me around in them. Everything else is mine too, but I let my people use some things. But they’re mine.

I will only share my favorites here, as I have been given strict instructions not to wag my own tail. Here are a few items that are only mine. Nobody else shares these. When they try, I bite the hand that feeds me.

all you things are belong to me

There is something here that belongs to someone besides me. I thought I’d just share a picture of that too – this is what belongs exclusively to my humans.

whose egg?

By the way, I also do autographs, for a small fee. They’re very artistic – this one’s done in chocolate syrup. MY chocolate syrup.

reasonable rates for autographs

36 thoughts on “What’s Yours Is Mine and What’s Mine Is

  1. Loved it LubbyGir, made me smile from ear to ear and I even had a laugh 😆
    thank you, Hmmmm still not sure how to get Spenser to autograph my ball, but just remind him when he does… it is mine, mine, mine 🙄

    Annie getting in first!


    • Well, if you put some chocolate syrup on it, he’ll autograph it for you, and MIGHT even swap the ball for the syrup. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. He’s pretty possessive when it comes to toys and old socks. Oh – we weren’t talking about old socks here. Oops – oh well, he’s pretty possessive on ANY toys or chocolate syrupy thingies.


    • You don’t see the photos of him with all the stuff that’s his? Like…the dog food…the hubby…the yard…the big bone?? It’s all there, and (according to him) it’s all his! 🙂
      OH, and the photos – they’re his too


  2. Spencer, this is the most enjoyable thing I’ve seen today. You probably don’t appreciate the comparison, but I’d bet my four cats have the same ownership attitude as you. Really, who am I to argue with them? They allow me the run of the house, after all.


    • Spencer thanks you from the bottom of his paws. And as a matter of fact – he might appreciate the comparison quite a bit, seeing he’s got at least one cat-life left in him. Sometimes I think he’s a Meow-Mix, he’s so curious. It’s gotten him into trouble more than once! OH…and he wanted me to pass this along. Now that he’s been ‘published,’ he thinks he needs an agent. Ask your cats if they have any recommendations. 🙂


  3. You’re hilarious! Love the idea of writing a post from an animal’s perspective…. This opens up so many great ideas for me! (And thanks for all of the comment love on my blog today. So happy to “meet” you and have you as my newest follower. Yay!)


    • Thanks so much…and Spencer thanks you too. 🙂
      I have already gone to those two sites and tried my hand at the photo processing. One I’d already found before and used for my header here; the monkey one I didn’t know about, though. That one is gonna be fun when I want to make a gallery and pick the photo I want emphasized, instead of letting the gallery setting on WordPress choose for me. I’m just enough of a rebel to want that choice. 🙂


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