My hubby the REmissionary!

I think I’ve noted more than once that my hubby is a true REmissionary. We had to tear out the old parking area, as mentioned before, and needed to dispose of the chunks of concrete. But what to do? What to do? We couldn’t just dump it, and it would cost a small (let me rephrase that – HUGE) fortune to have it hauled off.

We removed the carport partly because it was rotting, but also because it was only paved about five feet out from the back wall (see that in the picture above?). The area where we actually parked was a thin layer of gravel. Who in their right mind would pour concrete only in the back of a carport, thereby rendering that part essentially useless for anything other than gathering random yard-sale-worthy items?? I promise you, the place came fully equipped with this eyesore! We didn’t do it, honest. But we did get rid of it. Hubby was able to make good use of that pile of rubble – which, we discovered, was only about 2-4 inches thick (not 6 inches like the outer edges looked) when he tore it out. It looked as though it would not have held the weight of one car, let alone the three that the carport was set up to hold.  Here is what he did with the concrete:

All those little nooks and crannies are just crying out for flowers – and that was HUBBY’S idea, not mine! Behind this wall is where our first garden was, the one with the deer fence and the raised beds. It’s now a little road for the tractor, and the new garden is to the left of this wall, just out of sight here – with more deer fencing. We needed something to build up that hill that kept sliding down away from the old garden, and this is working great! There’s an area about 4 feet wide, between the wall and the tractor road, which means a perfect spot for a flower bed.  OH – and did I mention, he built this by himself? I was blissfully ignorant of the whole wall-building process until it was done, being engrossed in my own project at the time (a new purse was born, birthing details to follow). True story.

So, even though the garden didn’t actually produce nearly as much as we’d hoped for this season, we enjoyed what we did get. And besides, hubby got to practice what I preach!!

Come back and check in on us soon; we may have some red tomatoes by then. Of all the types of tomatoes available – Red Beefsteak, Yellow Brandywine, White Beauty, Yellow Pear, Hillbilly (yes, there really is a tomato called Hillbilly!), Purple Calabash, red and yellow and green cherry tomatoes, and a myriad of other interesting names and colors, what do you think we have? Yep, a new variety: Photoshop Red. Can’t eat ’em, but they sure are pretty!!

Hi…remember us? We’re Photoshop Reds


6 thoughts on “My hubby the REmissionary!

  1. I see you liked MyBroom’s post on Herman. I thought that you would enjoy my take on Herman:

    Who are we to judge Herman’s intellect or how he tunes his head down and heart up – that is God’s business, not mine? We have a creative, loving, personal and rational God, not an impersonal, vague, spirit. Herman loved God with his heart, strength and ‘mind’. He was no worldly fool for he had the humility not to claim to be smart. Herman had the wisdom to see he was a sinner saved by Grace.


  2. Your hubby is very hardworking handyman bursting with creativity, imagination and inspiration. He did an amazing job down to the exciting garden. More fun is that you are there at his side with each step, with each piece of concrete layered into a practical fence. Great post.


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