Cool Nights and Hot Tomatoes!

This was the day to move the tomatoes back into the hothouse. Seems they didn’t do all that well in the garden, although we did manage to harvest a few – and our salads thanked us.

back home in the hothouse

Hubby was worried about them, so tonight they packed up their leaves and vines and babies and blooms, and all the old greenies hangin’ around on the stems, and off they went to the land of their birth. Those old guys were looking crabby – must be a bummer to grow up with high hopes of becoming prize tomatoes, only to end their lives rotting on the vine. That would make anybody crabby!

gotta split!

We had some high hopes ourselves for those fellows. I sure did hate to see all those green tomatoes with brown or black tops. I don’t know what the problem was this year – whether it was too short a growing season, bad soil, or what – but it was very disappointing. I did enjoy the few we were able to harvest so far, though, and I have confidence that we’ll get more. They just won’t be as prolific as once anticipated. I was really looking forward to getting acid-mouth from eating tomatoes this year – especially since all those blossoms really stirred my salivary glands.

This little fellow was happy, though. What a funny-looking nose. Wait – tomatoes don’t normally have noses. Do they??

Ahh – now I get it. He wasn’t born here, you see. He’s an immigrant – he relocated to our house from the pastor’s garden. No wonder he’s grinning so big – he had some good upbringing!

But . . . uh . . . this guy came from the same place. He led a hard life, no doubt one of those rebels without a cause, ’cause it must’ve hurt to get that slap across the mouth. PLUS, he appears to be a social outcast – the other tomatoes are avoiding him. Won’t even talk to the poor fellow.

Looks like we’ll have to put him out of our misery, and maybe even give up on the bounty we’d hoped for this year. But, where there are blossoms, there is hope that we will still get something of value from these vines. So hang in there, blossom babies – hang in there and produce!!

Here’s what we would LIKE to see on the vines hubby just moved:

Uhm . . . yah. But here’s what we REALLY see:

Hmmm…..I wonder……do ya think, if I took the computer out there and showed this vine what he COULD look like, that it would inspire him to get the green out and put some oomph into this ripening thing? I wonder if there’s a Photoshop program that will work on the actual tomato and not just on its picture. Hey – it could happen!

So – how how did YOUR garden grow this year? Hopefully not quite as contrary as ours. But I haven’t given up yet. No sirree babalooey! Oh…and did I mention that hubby has once again used his REmissionary talents? Yes, he has. But that’s for another day.


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