Solitude and Solace

Being solitary may mean being alone, but it doesn’t have to mean being lonely. It can mean solitude, a time for sorting out one’s thoughts without distractions. Long walks on back roads are good for that. I was all alone in the back yard, taking pictures of the beautiful fall foliage. I turned and saw this lady walking down the dirt lane at the back of our property, lost in thought and totally unaware of my presence until she got almost to where I was standing.

She was a bit surprised to look up from her contemplations and find herself in the presence of a stranger. We had a good chat, and she shared some of what had been on her mind as she walked that dirt road, and then asked if I’d keep her in prayer. We prayed together right then, and she continued her homeward journey, while I continued my search for that perfect picture. We were both solitary at that point, but not lonely. We’d shared the solace of another’s prayers and presence, and now once again we were enjoying our solitary pursuits.

What does solitary mean to you? Check out this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, and share your interpretation of the theme: solitary.  I’ve shared a few of my favorites below:

Life Through the Lens (this is my first favorite!)

Galen911 (I love this one because it’s unexpected – and in Arizona!)

Northern Narratives (this one I chose because I love bare tree photos)

The Urge to Wander (I thought the arches in this were beautiful)

Joy and Woe (solitary but not alone – love this interpretation of the challenge)

scottseyephotos (yes, that’s a mountain of ice in the background!)

Creativity Aroused (oh, how I would love to get a shot like this one!)

and last but definitely not least:

Taking A Deep Breath (this one made me want to visit Ireland!)

28 thoughts on “Solitude and Solace

    • So true! I love it when I can go off into the woods alone and think and pray and sneak up on the deer & birds (did that last night!!), and then come home to find hubby waiting for me with dinner and coffee. I’m blessed!!


  1. It reminded me of the old saying, “two ships in the night.” As in so many cases, we by happenstance just meet a person, understanding or knowing that we may not meet again. I believe that these meetings are for a reason, and are of divine providence. In doing so, makes me look and contemplate the whys and what-fors of such a passing. Whether it be just a passing, or to what knowlege/understanding that I may glean from that person, or to how I, myself, can somehow make a positive influence in one person’s life….


  2. I love my family,my church, and my students at school… A lot.. And a lot of the time! So when I have the opportunity for a little solitude, it’s a priceless gift!


  3. “Being solitary may mean being alone, but it doesn’t have to mean being lonely” – very well said. I had a similar statement in one of my postings a while back.
    Thanks so much for the link back!


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