Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

I have really enjoyed all these photo challenges and writing challenges I’ve been finding on WordPress sites. This week’s is on Everyday Life.  On my other blog, I had a bunch of fun with some travel photos for this challenge. But on this one I’d like to share something that’s been dear to our hearts. We’ve been part of a group called Christ’s Clothes Crew for two or three years now. The group goes regularly to various small communities to give away clothes, shoes, bedding, toys, and whatever else has been donated for that purpose. Helping people should be an everyday thing for everybody, don’t you think? I know it’s not “everyday life” for everyone – but since it’s part of our routine, I thought it fit this week’s theme. Right now our guest room is full of clothes waiting for the next giveaway.

I have to share a few things about this ‘everyday life’ that make it special for us. I cannot remember one person who has gotten clothing and not said a sincere thank-you upon leaving. Many times one person will come in and get clothes for an entire household. Several have returned later, bringing things to donate. No one takes what they don’t need – a few even brought things back when they didn’t fit, so other people could take them.

Without fail, we make a meaningful connection with at least one person at every single giveaway.  Last summer a young girl of 13 came to one of our giveaways, and I enjoyed her more than anyone else I helped that day. She was so excited – she said it was like going to the mall and getting designer dresses! She told me we had just provided her with clothes for the whole school year. She was so happy, because otherwise she had nothing. She’d just gone through one of those growth spurts and had outgrown all her clothes over the summer, and was worried because she knew her mom (another broken family) had no money for a new wardrobe. That girl went home and brought her aunt back with her, so she could be blessed too. I just about cried.

At another community, a young man (he looked about 20 or 21) came in. We don’t get very many young men (mostly mothers with children, many older women and some older men who live alone, and the occasional teenage girl), especially young men shopping alone, so he caught my husband’s eye. They had a long chat as hubby helped him find things in his size. We don’t ask people why they’re there, but often they will volunteer that information. This young man said he was trying to find work but had nothing decent to wear if he ever did get an interview. My husband took him to a rack of sport coats and slacks that had been donated, and then to a table of dress shirts and a rack of ties. Now, folks, I have to tell you here, that this type of men’s clothing is not normally in abundance in our giveaways – mostly we have t-shirts and jeans donated. But, as the LORD would have it, we had been given a whole bunch of the very things this young man needed right before this particular giveaway date. Does the LORD look out for folks?? YES HE DOES!!!  We – the entire Christ’s Clothes Crew – were so happy that day. One of our crew was almost in tears when she heard about him.

For many people, giving a bunch of used clothing away doesn’t seem like a very interesting everyday life. But for the ones who volunteer, and the ones who benefit from the donations, it’s a blessing.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. God works in mysterious ways. He leads us to people who somehow changed our lives. Bless the generous hearts of your community. You gave this man a precious gift that no other people would have given. You guys gave him hope that good things can happen and that there are people with a kind , generous heart. Everyday, I see things being wasted by others while somewhere out there, someone needed them badly. Thanks for sharing an inspiring story.


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