Will the REAL Jean Purse Please Step Forward?

Finally, I got it right. I think! This weekend I finished the purse for my friend that I thought I was doing before – when I made this one. That one is now happily residing in the sole possession of my sister. I’m happy, she’s happy, purse is happy, my friend will soon be happy. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

As usual, I created discovered problems with the lining. Someday, Lord willing, I’ll get this lining thing down a little better. Here’s the beginning of the new one.

backside of new purse, cut out & ready to sew


liner side one

liner side 2, with zipper pocket and small pockets

That was the humble beginnings of this purse. Problem one: I forgot to allow for the interfacing in cutting the lining out. Since I ended up using batting and lightly quilting, the result was a bit thicker. My original intention was to use a heavy interfacing and make the purse stiffer, but that just didn’t work for this one. The quilting makes it keep its shape but still feel soft and pliable. But now I had to figure out how to make the lining work right. Naturally, I sewed it in VERY well, so made double work trying to pick it back out for my usual remake. The seam ripper is my friend.

I always try purses out after I make them, and before I remake them so I know what needs redone. Why oh WHY can’t I just make it once and be done with it!! Reckon that’s one reason I’m the REmissionary, but not exactly the original reason for the name. Just kinda, you know, happened that way.

Ah, but I digress. I try them out, y’see, like I was saying. I discovered I’d made the lining just a hair short of a freckle – translation: it was just  about half an inch shorter than the outer purse. Since I’d done such a great job of sewing the liner in, and had already put the snap closure in, removing the lining to make it fit just wasn’t gonna happen. But I found a way around that – yep, there is ALWAYS a fix! I simply removed the boxed bottom of the lining. It sits down where it’s supposed to now, and I did manage to get the seam out of the top that was just the teensiest bit crooked. That contributed to the way the purse seemed to hang a bit wonky-doodle. Not so much now . . . seems to hang correctly.

Now the only obvious problem is removing yet another extra seam I don’t need, so the cards will actually FIT into the two card pockets on the inside. Yes, yes, I know – I could have averted that problem by simply MEASURING the pockets and making sure I had them the right size before putting the seams in. But  N O O O . . . I just like to do things the hard way, it seems. Ah, but that’s enough with the whining. Tomorrow. I’ll think about that tomorrow. I can’t think about that tonight.

OK, here is the finished product.

belt was my first attempt at gathering – looks pretty good, I think. 🙂

love the pockets on this purse!

Just look at this lining and imagine that I have removed that bottom seam, the one just above the zipper pocket, and adjusted the bottom of the lining – oh, and fixed the card pockets. Just imagine it. You can do it, I know you can.

second row of stitching made it pucker – stitches gone now, purse is happier

removing that seam line made it hang much better (imagine it gone)!

OK – you don’t have to imagine it. Second line of stitching removed. Ahhh – better!

Ms. Jean Purse is going home with Mama this weekend – Mama being the new owner. I hope she likes it!! Now to make one for myself, and a couple to sell. I think I need to rethink this whole jeans pursemaking venture. There MUST be a better way to do the lining measurements!! Can anybody direct me to a good tutorial on installing jeans purse linings???


6 thoughts on “Will the REAL Jean Purse Please Step Forward?

  1. This bag is simply gorgeous. Great job. I laughed as I read this account about unpicking as I did a bit of that with my latest bag too. I am so eager with the project that I don’t read the pattern and just assume. Assuming leads to lots of mistakes and unpicking.

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    • I just hate it when I do that! OR . . . I must LOVE it because I do it so often!! Thanks so much for the comment – I just hope the new owner likes it. Oh well, if she doesn’t, I do purse adoption too. 🙂


  2. Sounds as if your purse/purson has some real problems. Being a little “battie,” and over-stuffed isn’t too awful, but that interfacing points to a split personality or being two-faced and stubborn (too stiff).

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