Bibs, Baby, Bibs!!

And now I enter the baby bib world; I just finished a couple this weekend. One is for one of our missionary couples; they were blessed with their newest addition while we were away on vacation.

so many styles – so much fun to make!

These look easy, don’t they? Well, for most folks who sew, they’re probably child’s play (couldn’t resist!!), but for me . . . well . . . .

Anyway, I tried them, and as the little train so aptly put it, “I think I can, I think I can; I know I can, I know I can.”

The one on the right was from a pattern I found on a site called “Craftiness Is Not Optional,” and it’s a fun one to try. The only difficulty I had with this one was making my own bias tape. Well, not really “difficulty” as much as just time-consuming. But not difficult. The real difficulty was making sure I caught both sides of the tape when I sewed it down – hence the two or three passes with the machine. 🙂

The one on the left is smaller, more for newborns I reckon. The material was an old burp cloth that I thought would be cuter as bibs – plus, I needed something more boyish, and this was it. The pattern includes a pocket, but I left it off.  This pattern came from a site called “Nested.”  This was the first bib I tried making; my first attempt was a dismal failure, but I learned from that and tried again. This time I used bias tape instead of sewing the front and back together and turning it, like the instructions called for.  That didn’t work so well for the size I cut the first one – it made the neck piece more like a string than a neck piece, way too thin to hold the velcro closure. Oh well, that’s all part of the sewing process. This one was better, so I guess that means I’m making progress. Oh . . . wait . . . I’m making bibs.

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