There comes a time in every purse-one’s life when ya just gotta say, “DONE.” And I have reached that point – yesterday I completed the purse I began before going on vacation. Actually, I completed it BEFORE vacation, and I have now completed it again. That’s my trademark: why make it once when several times will do?

Let me explain. I did it too hurriedly, the lining was a bit kawhompers, and the zipper didn’t fit right – the material around it needed firmed up and made narrower. I did my best Scarlet O’Hara and left it to think about tomorrow . . . two weeks ago. Tomorrow finally came. Now it looks better and hangs better – and, guess what – it’s the wrong purse. Yes . . . sad but true. I’d made it for my friend, who’d picked a pair of jeans from my stash for me to use for the purse. Well, the thing was, there were three different jeans she’d looked at and liked, and I just plain forgot which was her final choice. She was very sweet about it, even willing to keep this one. But, now that she has shown me the RIGHT pair of jeans, it just doesn’t seem fitting to foist this purse upon her, does it? Nope, the proper one has already been started, and this one will be in my November arts/crafts sale, unless some enterprising soul steps up and claims it before then. *Ahem* – Kathy, are you listening???

Here is the final product, and if nobody else wants it, I DO!!! It’s not my best work, but then, I’m told I’m harder on my work than anybody else, so I guess it’s OK in light of that.

14 thoughts on “DONE

  1. Well if you weren’t keeping it I sure would love it! You deserve to keep it though after all you went through to get it done…and done. Love it though!!


  2. I love it!! Like I said in an email I just sent you…if you hadn’t gone to so much trouble to get it done….and done…Id be begging for it!! You deserve to keep it though. Hope your vacation was great, byw!! Love ya!


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