What do you do when you make a MAJOR boo-boo? Try to fix it, of course.

THIS is what happens when ya get in a hurry!

I just cut the legs off a pair of jeans in preparation for a purse. But, alas, I do believe I got ’em too short. How can I fix this??? Oh dear.

Well, there’s only one thing to do. Cut ’em even shorter! I mean, after all . . . as my foster father used to say, “You’ve cut it two or three times and it’s still too short.”

a little straighter

And then add lace. Everybody loves lace. Don’t they?

yup…still too short

More to come.  I hope.

Seriously, tell me – how would YOU fix this??


3 thoughts on “OH NO! TOO SHORT!!!

    • Thank you so much. This is the initial layout…I’m hoping and praying for inspiration for the finished product. I think I have it figured out, and if it comes out the way it’s laid out in my head, it will be nice. I just hope the gal I’m making it for likes it!! Oh well, if she doesn’t, I do. 🙂


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