The Inside Workings

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is “inside.”

When we bought this place, we found some amazing things. We found garbage literally under every pile of brush that we moved. We even found, inside the jungle of blackberries and scotch broom and weeds, a mound of garbage. A dump. A full-size, bona fide dump. After six years, and much cleaning, and a huge roll-off dumpster full, we’ve just about got the place in order. One of the things we found, that we haven’t gotten rid of yet, is the insides of a piano. I’m still not sure how we’ll end up using it, but we’ve had various ideas. Right now it’s being used to prop these two trees up. 🙂

inside the piano – where’s the music?

Any suggestions on a good REmissionary use for this? I’d sure welcome them!!


11 thoughts on “The Inside Workings

    • Well, there must be a good use for it other than propping up trees that are totally capable of standing on their own. 🙂 Maybe I’ll lean it up on the greenhouse and plant climbing plants in front of it – wonder how that would work….


  1. There are two uses, although similar they will need a strong pole that is well anchored in the ground. One is that it could be mounted at the entrance of the driveway, painted and within its webbing large numbers that would resemble the address of the property. The other use, also hung, was that it would be placed, painted, and hung as a centerpiece of a flower garden. But that would entail gardening, flowers, and weeds.


    • OK – I like both ideas. Maybe the driveway one would work, but I think it would need two poles to mount it. I can see angle iron used – wonder where I could find some old bed frames??


  2. we can relate……! we have found lots of “junk” while working on our property… wife has been incorporating these items into her garden….I’ll share some pictures soon……we believe, just because something is old..doesn’t mean it’s usefulness is entirely gone….


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