Twos Day – AGAIN?

I can’t believe how time flies. Seems it was Monday just yesterday.

Oh. Wait.

It WAS Monday yesterday.

Oh well, I’ll just go with the flow – of time, that is.

Y’know, some Twos Days it’s a little hard to think in tandem. Maybe if I had one of those tandem bikes . . . nah. I’d probably just fall off of it. Hey, then I’d have TWO skinned knees and I could use them for a Twos Day post.  Or………..maybe not.

Tonight I was thinking about the greenhouse and how it’s been doing, and I thought I’d just post a couple of update-type shots of the plants that are lovin’ their home. I don’t really think they want to move to the garden, and they may not. We got summer on a Thursday this year, and it stayed clear through til Sunday. Today and yesterday it was back to overcast and in the high 70s – once it even got to the low 80s. The most summer-like aspect of these days is the lack of rain.

These fellers are lovin the heat and the wind in the greenhouse. Hubby put a little fan in there to blow the air around, and the plants just started shooting up so fast he had to scramble for bigger pots for the tomatoes. I love it!!

tomato plants – then and now (see inset)

pepper plants – then and now (see ’em in the corner??)


4 thoughts on “Twos Day – AGAIN?

  1. Love your plants! We’ve been battling with pepper & tomato plants. They just grow beautiful leaves with no fruit in sight only now there is some hope of something. I found them to be high maintenance, have fun with yours:-)


    • boy, ya got THAT right! They are high maintenance. Especially the peppers – we’ve never had a good crop, but hubby keeps trying. This is the first year we’ve tried them in the greenhouse. They do have some blooms finally! Thanks for stopping by!!


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