Such A Cherry-ful Spirit!

so cherry-ful

Today my sweet hubby was pitting the cherries he’d just picked, and of course, saving the pits for me. “Why?” you may ask. Well, I’d read somewhere that they can be used instead of rice or flax seed in those microwaveable heating pads. Naturally, I have to try that idea out, so the pits don’t get wasted. That would be the . . .

. . . well, I’ll let you finish that statement. Groan

da pits

Anyway, as he was dutifully placing the pits in a pan for me to wash and prepare for drying in the dehydrator, he said, “You know, I should look into ways to use these stems and make them a marketable item. Then you could say I was doing stem sell research.”

stem sell??

That’s my hubby – a man after my own heart – and so punny!


2 thoughts on “Such A Cherry-ful Spirit!

  1. The most beautiful cherries we had ever grown this year. Was able to leave them on the tree to ripen. Color picking every other day. Other years I had to pick them early due to rain and mold.


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