Do Deer Dream?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

I wonder.

If they do, this would be one of the things they dream about at my house – the last rose they haven’t yet managed to reach to devour. It grows out over a raised flower bed, which makes it just a little difficult for them to get to. That’s why I still have one. At least tonight I have one. Tomorrow maybe I’ll find that deer dreams DO come true.

the last rose standing


13 thoughts on “Do Deer Dream?

    • I’ve tried sprays, and a bag of dead-thing to put out, and hair, and other stuff. These guys are gluttons – nothing stops ’em! I heard about some stuff you get online called “Not Tonight Deer” and I’m seriously considering that. What is the scent you use? Maybe I’ll try that first before ordering online.


  1. that’s the reason we have been working this summer to raise a fence on our back lot…we planted a row of Poplar trees…we wanted to create a “deer free zone” next up…a row of rose bushes next year….the deer have already walked by on the other side of the fence stop by for some “dreaming.” πŸ™‚


        • yah…well…they were working overtime last night. 😦 My beautiful flowering vine had FINALLY gotten new blooms (they’re in one of my posts on theREmissionary), and this morning the blooms were gone, plus almost the entire plant. *sigh*


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