It’s Official!

I have officially begun my REmissionary reverse tithing sales! Yesterday I sold the first two items for this ministry. What a KICK that was – I’m so excited to be able to donate my very first 90% to a ministry.

We currently have three ministries we’d like to start supporting.   The first one is River of Life, a men’s transition house begun by our local Calvary Chapel.  It’s only been in operation for about 7 months, but it has already made an impact on the community and the lives of several men and their families.  The second is Titus 3, a women’s transition house begun about two years ago – what a blessing it has been to a whole lot of women needing a helping hand!  And the third is one very close to my heart, Village Missions, an organization that places missionary couples in rural churches that are struggling and ask for leadership.  Their philosophy is, “Preach the Word and love the People,” and they do it with all their heart.  I’d be glad to share more about these ministries if you’re interested!

Here are the purses I sold – both of which I loved and would have used myself if they hadn’t sold. You may remember these from previous posts (this post and this one) .

from material won on sew-whats-new – a great site for sewing ideas

one of the ‘three sisters’

I have other items I’ve made to sell, besides just purses –  like tortilla warmers, and tater sacks, and oven mitts, and I want to make aprons and baby bibs.  But, since I have no idea how to set up an online shop, I rely on word of mouth and little sales booths at fairs and art/craft shows.  I firmly believe that if the Lord is in this ministry idea, it will prosper. If not, it won’t. simple as that.


4 thoughts on “It’s Official!

    • aw shucks – thanks! I only have a few things right now that are made, but Lord willing I plan to get some purses cut out this week, and maybe a couple of tortilla warmers next week.


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