The Unveiling – Unveiled!

Well, it’s up and running, even though we haven’t found the linoleum for the floor yet. The door has been hung, the plants are in, and loving their new temporary place. I must say, it’s been an adventure just getting this far.

And that piece of tin roofing made a great shelf. There was another, very long piece that made the rest of the shelves. These things were left here by the original owners when we bought the place, and we knew someday we’d find a use for them, although at the time we had no idea what use.  Sure glad we kept them!!

The vents are in, but we are just not finding any linoleum. I think we’re going to have to break down and *choke gasp wheeze* spend money. We’ve been trying to keep the costs down, and so far we’ve got mainly sweat equity invested.

I just know we will soon complete the whole project! But for now, this is what we’ve got. Hubby moved several plants to the garden this week, in anticipation of actually getting some summer weather. I’m sure it’s coming. Any day now. It could happen. Just . . . not today.


4 thoughts on “The Unveiling – Unveiled!

  1. Looks kind of empty, hoping to turn it green inside. As I now try to cool it down. A small solar panel on top to run a fan would work nicely.
    Seems to be the only way to grow anything except blackberries, and rhodies and grass in this area. Are there any good recipes for grass salads?


  2. Truly an adventure when couples and families are into a home renovation project. You got me excited with this post. Reminds me of what is was to have a house. My wife and I decided to down grade and moved in to a apartment close to school and work. I still miss it sometimes but we chose a different path which I am actually happy . Home they say is where your heart is and it is so true. Best wishes to you and your family.


    • thanks so much – we have truly enjoyed this project, and the produce we’ll be getting from it, I’m sure. We do love our house and property, but we’ve talked about the possibility of selling if a ministry opportunity came up. The Lord knows!!


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