10 thoughts on “Venison, Anyone?

  1. We’ve seen deer walking up our road (we live in the boonies), but they leave us alone. It’s the rabbits I have problem with and I am rather miffed at our Great Horned Owls for not taking care of them. We even saw one last week perching on our Kestrel box. We had left two kohlrabi in the ground to save for seed- this is a biannual plant, so needs two years to go to seed. The rabbits ate them, those hard ugly overgrown things. 😦


    • we have rabbits too, the little stinks. and moles. and a couple of mountain lions (I think that’s what got our other little doggy, Diogi), and feral cats. No wonder we can’t keep a garden around here!!! 😦


      • Ugh… feral cats. I never used to care for the coyotes around here, but I’ve been hearing they eat feral cats, so look a little more favorably on them. I think I’d jump out of my skin if I saw a mountain lion around here. I heard they are in the next county over.


        • We’ve only seen one here on our property, but above us a mile or so, they’ve seen them a lot more. We’re at just under 1000 feet, and up the road they’re somewhere around 1200 to 1300 or so, and a lot more in the woods. I just wish people would stop dropping their cats off here – somebody even dropped off tame rabbits!!!


      • People dump dogs out in this area too. The rescue place in the small town near us has a hard time finding people to adopt them. That’s where we got our dog. That is so cruel to put these pets in that situation when they had been cared for and are not made for living in the wild.


        • You know what else we found in our back yard one morning? Two pet rats! Double-ugh!! I hate rats, no matter what their position in society. These were obviously not field mice or barn rats, too sleek and unafraid of people, and one was a black/white spotted looking little ugly creature. Did I mention I hate rats? Uhm…yeah…I do. A lot. But if they’re somebody’s pet and they keep them at home, that’s OK. Oh…and I guess I should mention…I don’t really hate deer. I just wish they’d leave my plants alone. 😆


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