No Time for Sewing??

Well, there is ALWAYS time for sewing! Maybe not as much as I’d like sometimes, but I think I can fit just a few minutes here and there in.

But sometimes it just feels like I can get NOTHING done! I need some help planning my time and coming up with ideas on fast projects to use up all this material I’ve accumulated. Some good REmissionary projects!

One of the websites I frequent ( has a giveaway going on right now, giving a book called “The Busy Girl’s Guide to Sewing” by Cassie Maclennan. Now, THAT’S a book I could use!! The contest is open until June 11, so I have plenty of time to enter. Oh well, even if I don’t win it, maybe I’ll look for a copy and actually spend *choke* money!

But, in the meantime, I’ve found the time to do a few small projects, getting ready for the REmissionary sale in November.  This is the latest one . . . do you think it will sell?

for the REmissionary sale – do you think it will sell?

GOTTA have pockets!! inside of the new purse.

Well, anyway . . . that’s what I’ve been working on – and I actually finished it on my birthday! Yup . . . that’s how I spent my day off.  How do you spend yours??


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