The Unveiling – Phase Two

phase one of phase two

And . . . the walls came a tumblin’ up!

Oh . . . wait.  I think that’s not exactly how the song goes.  No matter.  That’s what happened in this case, so that’s how the song goes for me.


We have begun building the walls. Most folks would build the wall on the ground, then stand it up in its place. Not us. We do everything different from most folks – because we’re not most folks. We’re us.

Each step completed gave me a little *oopsy-up* – and if you don’t know what that is . . . well . . . it’s better than a pick-me-up and it’s a brand new word – cuz I just this minute made it up! It means that I felt so encouraged and excited and looking forward to the completed greenhouse. And that I feel so proud of my hubby for the way he works so hard and thinks up great projects and . . . well, anyway, I digress. The whole point of this is that I’m getting excited about the whole process!

more going up!

So far so good. The angles were still OK, going together fine, just like he planned it. He was happy.

Something about walls going up the way they’re planned just puts a song in his heart.

 Next section also went up OK.

What broken ladder?

Then the top went up. Yup . . . that’s the top.

What sawed-off, soon-to-be-plantstand ladder?

Here’s where it almost went south.

Uhm . . . ya know . . . being from the south . . . I think I just insulted myself.

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