The Unveiling…Phase One

As I said before, we’ve begun a greenhouse – my husband’s first “official” REmissionary project! He spent a lot of time pondering and puzzling and perusing greenhouse plans and ideas, and finally came up with the drawing that I so generously shared the other day.  *sigh*  I amaze me.  The epitome of generosity, that’s me.  Or not.

Anyway…he began with a plan.


the original plan

Then…he changed it.  Just a little.  And in only one or two places.  No biggie, you say? Well, not so much in Phase One.

only a tiny change…doesn’t even show here

Things went along quite well on the framework; so far, so good.  I can see a greenhouse here, can’t you?


Oh.  Oops…uhm…wrong picture! This is actually the pile of stuff even a die-hard REmissionary could not reclaim from the carport’s demise.  Reckon we’ll be seeing a roll-off dumpster in our near future.  Well, back to the greenhouse – and the REAL framework picture!

this is where it all began – well, AFTER the plans, that is

If you’re wondering how it’s going to get any sun with all that greenery around, not to worry. It’s all behind it – on the north side. It will get a whole lot of southern, eastern, and western exposure.

So, we have Phase One on the ground and running. Not actually…running…just on the ground.

The next step was to put the floor on, which came from remnants of the carport roof – whatever wasn’t rotted out completely.

first layer of flooring in~

from floor to ceiling . . . oh, I mean . . . from ceiling to floor

Then, a coat of paint to seal it.  We’re looking into some REmissionary-style linoleum to go over this, but haven’t found it yet. For now, we’ll use paint.  LOTS of paint.


We even did a REmissionary on the paint – rejects from the paint store, all mixed together to give a whole new color! And, of course, he got all that lumber – in good REmissionary fashion – from here, where we’re finally getting the eyesore tended to, so it can one day be a sight for sore eyes.

what’s left of the carport

Phase Two is in the works.  Thanks for stopping by; come back soon and catch a glimpse of the emerging masterpiece.  So far I haven’t seen any television or movie crews around, trying to get an exclusive on the story, but that’s OK.  I think this is going to be a great place for our little seedlings to grow big and strong and go out into the gardening world, ready to meet the elements!


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