The Unveiling…Coming to a Blog Site near You!

My hubby (with a tiny bit of help from me) has been working on this project for some time now. It’s just about finished, too. Last night after we covered it, to protect it from the coming storm (rain was predicted for today), I told him it looked like a redneck greenhouse…and since I’m the proud possessor of the title REDNECK, it seemed to fit.

coming soon….the redneck recycled project

Yesterday, after cutting a few more boards from the demolition of the old carport, he said to me, “I guess this makes me a REmissionary too, huh?”  I assured him that he was, in fact, the KING of REmissionary, and I was the QUEEN.  No pride here – just fact.  🙂

before and after on the roof

The carport (to the right in the above photo) has been an eyesore since we bought this place over six years ago. There IS a difference, my friends, between an eyesore and a sight for sore eyes – in case you were wondering. (I feel a blog post coming on – but I’ll save it for another day!) It finally just needed to be removed and a new one needs to be built. We tried to salvage as much of the lumber and beams as possible, but so much of it was rotten that it’s destined for the burn pile. We need to leave the two existing walls standing and just redo them, but there isn’t much left to work with here. Why ANYONE would build a flat-top roof in this rainy climate is beyond me and mine. But they did; even the original roof on the house was a flat-top (made it look like a mobile home – and an ugly one at that!), and it also had big leakage problems. We were able to have a pitched roof put on the house the first year, but the carport had to wait for more funds to come in. Other things were more pressing at the time, so the money was spent on trying to make some order out of the farmette, which is now almost in order – six years later. The carport, though, was gradually getting worse, and this was the year to concentrate on that.

hubby thought this plan up!

Hubby wanted to use the material that he could salvage from the carport to rebuild it, smaller and farther back so we’d have room to turn around in the driveway. As he surveyed the damage, though, he decided that the siding was just too far gone for using in that way, but he has wanted to build a greenhouse for some time. He’d built a temporary one last year from PVC pipe and plastic sheeting, and that got us through the season before the sheeting got all crispy in the elements and broke – literally! – into tiny pieces. He wanted a more permanent one, but one that could be moved if need be, so he came up with a plan.

It made me think of how the Lord says He has a plan and a purpose for our lives, no matter how rotten or broken they seem to be, and if we’ll follow that plan, He will bless us and lead us. This is true – He does, indeed, do exactly that!  On that note, hubby said he would have been fine if he’d followed his original plan for the greenhouse, but he made adjustments to part of it, thinking, “Oh, it won’t matter so much on the rest of it, with just this tiny adjustment.” It did. Believe me.  Just like when we decide to “adjust” what God has planned for us, without consulting the original plan or the Planner…things don’t work out right in other areas.


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