Why You Sew and Sew – Round Three!

Update time on the sewing projects!

Remember the first purse I made from this material?

first one!

And the second one I made for my friend?

second one!

Well, purse number three is in the works, as we speak, getting ready for the REmissionary Tithing In REverse (RETIRE) Sale of the Year!  That’s a mouthful, if ever I spoke one.

Yes, it has begun.  Prep work is moving along, and the goal is to have several projects ready for the big Fourth of July street sale in a little burg near us.  Any money raised in this endeavor will be for one of the missions we support – we have three at the moment that I’ll be working on helping . . . one at a time if not much is earned, and all three if I actually sell some things for a good price.

I have to rely heavily on other people’s experience for this, since I’ve never actually set up a street sale booth before.  My partner in prime (sales location, that is) will get the booth reserved and I will share the cost.  She knows what she’s doing in this, and I feel very blessed to be able to kind of horn in and partake of her generosity.

Well, so far there isn’t much made, but some big ideas are floating around in the murk I fondly refer to as my brain. One cute little thing I just finished is another tater sack, aptly named Levi Tater – for two reasons: (1) cuz I used a piece of hubby’s Levis for the tater applique, and (2) cuz he likes to levitate up into the microwave and raise that sumptuous aroma of baking potatoes high into the waiting nostrils of us hungry humans.  His parents are embroidered on the back of the sack, so the whole Tater family will fit right in. There’s Momma Common and Papa Spec!

the whole Tater family – with room for more!

Well, there you have it – my first entry for the RETIRE Sale of the Year. I’ll have that third purse done any day now – as soon as I stop making changes in my murk – er, mind – and git ‘er dun. Updates forthcoming on the purse – and another item I have gotten a bit excited about too, but first I gotta make the . . . uhm . . . no, I’ll save that for another day.  Check back soon!

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