Spencer the Wonder Dog

Spencer is our dog.  He’s a wonder.  Actually, he’s a dachshund.  A blue dapple, long-hair, blue-eyed little ankle nipper and love of our lives . . . but sometimes he makes me wonder how in the WORLD he keeps from being varmint-bait.  Why do I say that, you may ask. And I’ll just tell you.  He has a mouth that far outweighs his common sense.  The little guy thinks he’s King Kong, when he’s not even Donkey Kong.  He sees himself as a giant among doggies, able to attack the largest bone and reduce it to toothpicks in a matter of seconds.

I can eat this faster than you can say Big Dog!!

Somehow I don’t think the wildlife around here completely agree with that assessment. The deer scoff at him when he barks (incessantly) at them, and tease him unmercifully. They know, you see, exactly where that electronic fence is, and they stay just on the other side of it and stand there and look at him.  I know -I’ve watched them in action!  But he thinks he could win in a fair fight, if they’d fight fair.

yah, lil doggy…I’m laughin’ at YOU!

But hey, he’s made friends with the other animals, at least.

can you come out and play?

wanna play? wanna play? can you play now? wanna chase me? wanna play? let’s play! can you play now? I can run – wanna see me run? wanna play?

And speaking of critters that like to tease poor lil Spencer, a flock of wild turkeys hangs out around here too –  on the roof . . . in the front yard . . . in the back yard . . . and always just on the other side of his fence.

don’t run away, ya turkey!

I guess I can’t really blame him for the constant, nails-on-a-blackboard barking frenzies.  It’s what dogs do when they’re bored, or excited, or lonely, or happy.  And when he’s REALLY happy, he goes nuts!  I wish I could catch him on camera when he’s tearing through the house lickety-split, but I don’t think my camera has a setting that fast – or at least I haven’t figured out how to use it.  He loves playing with hubby – he was SUPPOSED to be my doggy (birthday present), but I know who he REALLY loves.  And, strangely enough, it’s OK with me…it gives my sweet hubby a lift, and it makes Spencer deliriously happy to just be in the same room with him.  Since I love both of them so much, then it gives ME a lift too.

let’s play!!

Well…that’s our Spencer the Wonder Dog!  I just thought I’d share our lil’ buddy with you, since he kind of fulfills the REmissionary thing – he gives this ol’ gal a feeling of new life, just watching him tear around and play.  And he gives a lot of totally unconditional love – the way we’re supposed to give it to others. The way our LORD Jesus gives it to us.

Spencer the Wonder Dog


11 thoughts on “Spencer the Wonder Dog

    • thanks so much. he’s our baby for sure. I’d never seen one with his markings until our friend begged us to take him. how she could let him go I still don’t know, but I’m thankful she did!


      • One of our hooligans is a Isabelle/Tan dachshund, such a pretty light brown with medium brown eyes. Our Silver Dapple unfortunately lost most of his markings as his grew. He had nice markings as a puppy. Glad your Spenser kept his markings. Do you show him?


        • Well, I show him to the deer in hopes of instilling fear and dread in them, but they have a way of showing scorn that’s most demeaning to his composure. Otherwise, he only gets attention from us and from our friends who come over and love him and run him ragged (well, the kids run him ragged at least). He loves every minute of it, and runs in circles and barks and jumps all over them when they come.


    • Yes, he’s quite the companion. Right now he’s curled up on my leg, affectionately cutting the circulation off. He doesn’t like it when I have to move him to keep the blood flowing. 🙂


  1. Hi Spencer! You are really The Wonder Dog! Your colours are amazing and you are most beautiful! Long time ago I had two collies and the other one was grey with blue eyes – you remind me of her. x Teje


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