OH, what I found today!

I hit the jackpot!!

This is just one of the reasons I’m addicted to very, very fond of yard sales. All this for only (wait for it…..)


Hubby and I look at a few things just a little – uhm – differently. What I see when I look at this:

What he sees when he looks at the same thing:

I mean, just imagine all the Remissionary projects dancing in the shadows here, waiting to be discovered and brought to light. I feel like the light-giver! People, there was one piece of fabric that was – I kid you not – F I V E   Y A R D S .  And another of four yards, one of about 2 1/2, and an entire box of quilter’s delights: scraps big enough to make quilting squares. That doesn’t even include all the wonderful ribbons and lace and bling bling trim and stuff:

Just look at this beauty I would’ve missed had I heeded my hubby’s polite request to leave (“are you done yet? are you done yet?”)! I see a lovely purse in this, or maybe a really cool looking pillow, or a fabulous vest and purse to match.

Oh, and that’s not all. No siree bobalouie! This beautiful Oriental dress (too small for me) will become a true REmissionary treasure. It was used as a halloween costume, but it’s much too pretty to be sullied by such a detestable celebration, so I’m going to make an elegant purse and matching wallet from it.

it’s pretty on both sides – I won’t even have to use a liner!

So I have to ask myself, which side of the “T” am I on? Is it Trash…or Treasure??? I choose Treasure!



  1. Our perceptions on various articles is not quite that extreme, yet the coin can be turned also to where I see the potential of a lost, lonely and misplaced thing-a-ma-bob, but it costs more than pocket change. I guess it falls under the category of “boys’ toys” cost more. And the fact that someone has to twist my arm to spend money on anything that I can’t eat or drink. Priorities of life…….FEED ME SEMORE!


    • You have a gift, and I am thankful you use it for the glory of the Lord. And I’m also thankful that what you say is true – Jesus DOES love me!! And He loves you too…isn’t that great news!!


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