microwave tater sack

Can you believe it? I finally made one of these!  I’ve only been meaning to do this for oh, about a year or so.  I’d seen the idea (and material – and pattern) at Wal-Mart, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on that material when I could make my own tater-embellished material from – you guessed it! – stuff I already had.  I mean…I am the REmissionary, after all.  It just wouldn’t do for me to use material I bought specifically for that purpose when I have all these scraps.

I used denim left over from aprons I’d made for family members. I called them man-aprons so the guys would wear them. They call them barbecue aprons. Whatever. Both guys loved the aprons (or at least they told me they loved them). I made a chef’s hat to match one apron, and a chef’s hat for hubby, and still had denim left over. So, what to do? Make something else, of course!

I’d been wanting one of these ever since I’d seen the idea.  Yesterday was the perfect opportunity, since I planned to have loaded baked potatoes for dinner.   This was a fairly quick project to make. That cute lil spud on the front is made from a scrap of hubby’s old jeans that I’d used to make several purses.  Hey, you know me – never throw anything away if there’s a chance to REmission it. So from conception to consumption (of spuds, of course) was only 1 1/2 hours! I made it in time to do the potatoes for dinner, and it kept them very moist. Two large spuds only took 7 minutes in the microwave.  I think I’ll be using this a lot!!

For some time now I’ve wanted to begin making things like this to sell, as a way to support missions. I need some help, though, on exactly how to go about marketing my wares. The plan is to make and sell items and give 90% of the proceeds to the mission I’m supporting that month, keeping 10% to cover costs. As this will not be a money-making venture, the 10% may not entirely cover the costs – but since (as I saw on Facebook the other day) I’m not in missions for the income but for the outcome, it won’t matter if I make my expenses back. It’s a donation to the cause of Christ!

Do you like this little tater sack? Would you recommend it to anyone, based on the photo and the glowing  unbiased, factual description contained here? Would you buy one yourself?? I’ll take that as a yes on all counts. Thank you. Thank you very much.

3 thoughts on “Spudtacular!

  1. I would buy this it cuts time and leaves the potatoes moist!?! Great make and post! Let me know when you go to production!

    S/N thank you for stopping by and commenting..I too love comments! I’m new to blogging just started yesterday so I. Super excited about all the love! Have a great Cinco de Mayo!

    ~Maria Antoinette~


    • well, muchas gracias! LOL
      I absolutely L O V E my tatersack! It truly does keep the spuds moist. I’m making one right now for my REmissionary project, and another tortilla warmer. They are TOPS!! Thanks for stopping by – keep taking those great photos, too. You will be so in love with photography that you will see a photo shoot in everything!


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