Weeds and Wildflowers

What good are they anyway? Weeds, that is. Some critter must feed on them, or God wouldn’t have made them. My personal preference, though, would be for that critter to take up residence on the other side of the road, and take his groceries with him. But since that’s not gonna happen in my lifetime, I thought I might see if there were any possible way to put these things to proper REmissionary use. Hmmmm….what good IS a weed?

saved by the weeds!

Well…they do keep the dirt from washing away completely when the yard floods. And they give the deer something to hide behind while he . . . well, anyway.

Sometimes they actually look good in a photo.

This morning I thought I’d test that particular theory out, and went outside very early (for me anyway) to see what weeds looked like, up close and personal, through a camera lens. They look like weeds.

But I did find this one that had a slightly familiar look to it, growing out of the block wall around my raised bed. Upon closer examination, I discovered a misplaced parsley plant! I am very, very impressed with this little guy’s tenacity. It’s definitely a refugee from the attempt at an herb garden last year. Poor feller, probably got lost in the jungle and was washed out of his cozy home and clung to this block for dear life. Tasty, too, by the way…smack smack.

hang in there!

I had taken all the daisies out of the raised flower bed and transplanted them to another spot, to make ready for a new batch of wildflowers. But these refused to be moved. So I left them. I guess they don’t really count as weeds, unless you’re not very fond of daisies. But since they’re uninvited squatters (or in this case, clingers), I consider them weeds. Like this one in the rocks. It will die. soon.

obnoxious creeps

My hubby says weeds are just misplaced wildflowers…unless, of course, if they’re in the garden. Then they’re weeds.


4 thoughts on “Weeds and Wildflowers

  1. Weed, flower, wild flower is all in the eye ofthe beholder. Last Years flower {wild} flower in the wrong place suddenly becomes a weed to be destroyed any where it dares to grow!

    Happy gardening


    • Yup…some eyes behold and besmear – others behold and bless! 🙂 And, as they say in real estate: location location location! Same for weeds & wildflowers, huh?
      (Thanks so much for the comment – happy gardening to you too!!)


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