The Pregnant Pepper

So…today we had folks over for hamburgers and potato salad. Doesn’t sound like a very REmissionary type of post, does it? It’s kinda sorta a little bit linked to the REmissionary idea. I mean, I was preparing some veggies for the potato salad, which would contribute greatly to giving *this* old thing some new life (mainly by staving off starvation for another day). But, as I cut into the bell pepper, I noticed it was a rather unusual specimen. Something I’d never encountered before: a pregnant pepper. And just on the verge of giving birth, too!

As you can see, it was a cesarean birth.

8 thoughts on “The Pregnant Pepper

    • yeah, it was such a surprise to find when I cut it open, it made me laugh out loud and run for the camera. Hubby had to wait for the photo shoot to finish before the dinner got finished.πŸ˜†


        • I had to look back through the archives of comments to find where this was! A blogger I follow sent it to me:
          It’s a fun place to find these things. The way to do the animated smiley is to first put a colon : then put lol then another colon : all with no spaces between them – and you get a laughing face. Like thisπŸ˜† I’ll put it with space so you can see what I mean
          : lol :


      • I appreciate this so much, thank you for hunting for the link. The few smileys they have for default are limited. I really like this one…😳


      • I was telling my husband about the cool smileys you told me about and he said at times when he instant messages someone at work, the code he sends them sometimes turns up as smileys. Drives him nuts, when that happens.


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