Reverse Tithing? I’m So Excited!

make like a frog and leap at opportunity!

Ever had one of those AHA moments, when something just jumps off the page or out of the mouth of your hubby (or wife, as the case may be) or climbs up from the recesses of your brain, swirling and frolicking and leaping around in your imagination???

Yes, I did have one of those moments. Just this past Sunday.

After church we were talking about ministry and outreach opportunities, and how to help some ministries here that are dear to our hearts. My husband made a comment that just fired me up. In a good way. He said, “You know, since you love to sew and craft and all that, you could use that creativity in ministry, and sell the stuff you make and do a reverse tithe.” Why didn’t I think of that!!! Make things, sell them, keep 10% to cover costs, and donate 90%.

Now I cannot wait to make some things and actually SELL them, and start using the gifts the LORD has given me to give back to Him in some way. My mind is aswirl with ideas on things to make. And it was kinda funny that he would mention this, because the words were hardly out of his mouth when my brain started clicking. I mean, I already had this blog spot, with the PERFECT title for this type of ministry – now I can be a TRUE REmissionary! I can make old things into something new, AND use them for missionary work. What. A. Concept!!!!

Oh. Wait.

That would mean I’ll have to get organized.

Oh well, no matter. I won’t let such details hold me back.

Do you have any ideas on craft/sewing projects that would be a good outlet? I would love to get some feedback on this idea, and some suggestions on what to make, how to sell it, etc. Pray with me for this venture!!!


2 thoughts on “Reverse Tithing? I’m So Excited!

  1. well, since you asked…why don’t you make some more purses to sell? or maybe potato bags (just read your post about the tater sack)? or maybe both?


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