Why You Sew and Sew

There are a lot of fun things to do – sewing is one of them. But ya know…sometimes you sew and sew, and where does it get you?  For me, back to square one.  I began – and finished – a nice purse the other day.  Had nice details, lovely material, a fun strap.

Yesterday I took it completely apart.

Gonna sew it again. I know, you’re thinking (and maybe even saying), “If you were gonna do that, why did you sew it in the first place?”  Well,  I’ll tell ya.  That’s part of my OCD (once can’t do) thing. I make something, I make a mistake, and I make it again.  Maybe two or three times.   The thing, that is…I make the thing two or three times.  I may make the mistake five or six times!

That’s why I don’t quit my day job. I’d starve if sewing (or any other craft) were my only source of income.  Good thing I enjoy it!  Not so much the remakes, but the original planning, scheming, figuring out what to make and how to go about it…that’s the part I love.

Now…back to that purse thing…there was a good reason for taking it apart.  I hated it.  Can’t carry a purse you hate, can you?  One major thing I did wrong was use too stiff an interfacing.  It was just not working…so…back to the drawing board.  Plus, after looking at the pattern awhile longer, I decided I wanted some improvements anyway.  So now, when I put it back together I’ll add an outside pocket for my phone, a snap closure for one of the inside pockets, and a key ring. See, I’ve already gotten one improvement started. That’s progress!

I will also NOT do the darts on the bottom of the original pattern, although they did make a nice looking finish to the purse.

Instead, I’ll add a strip between the front and back to make it have a flat bottom, which will also make it a larger purse.  Hey, I might even add a zipper! Or not.

If you were redoing this particular project, what would you do? It’s still sitting there on my sewing table, waiting for an executive decision. The entire executive staff appears to be on sabbatical.


OK, I got busy today and REmade this purse. I’m only *slightly* happier with the second go-around. The bummer of the whole thing is that the liner didn’t behave properly.

It raveled quite a bit (remind me to use fray-check when I use this material again. Or not use this material – better idea!), and somehow when I sewed the liner, I missed that frayed part in the side seam. Oh well, another job for the REmissionary – to the rescue!! I had to run a hand sewn seam along the edge to hold it in place, and use (belatedly) the fray-check. At least I’m not giving it to anyone, just using it as an experimental model.

The liner didn’t look too awfully bad when I finished. I did get that snap in place for the one pocket, and a flap for the phone on the other pocket, like I wanted to do. See the top of the phone sticking out there? I have an antique phone, so it needs an antique pocket. 🙂

And now for the unveiling

Makes me feel all outdoorsey, just looking at that material! I guess it’ll be OK. At least it holds everything, and more. -OH, and by the way…I did go ahead and do the darts again. Just thought I’d clarify that point, in case anyone was wondering.

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