Spring Planting


I know it’s spring – the calendar says so. But it hasn’t felt much like spring until lately. Since we love having a nice vegetable garden but seem to have such a hard time getting plants started, we decided to build a small greenhouse and start the seeds early. But, we needed some sort of pots to start them in. Have you priced those peat pots?? Some other method needed to be found.

One thing we’ve been doing lately is separating our garbage, and taking all the cans to the recycling center. One day I was looking at those things, wondering if I could use them in some REmissionary project. Bingo!!! I asked my hubby what he thought of trying to cut the bottoms out of some of those cans, and filling them with potting soil and seeds, setting them on some sort of tray, and then just pushing the soil and seed out into our garden spot when they got a good start. He thought it was a great idea!


So this is what we start with, a can with a bottom that can be removed with a can opener. We have one of those really cool openers that takes the lid off with the rim, so there are no sharp edges left. That makes a remissionary’s job a whole lot easier!

After we remove the labels and run the cans through the dishwasher (we’re weird like that – we wash the cans before we take them to the recycle center. go figure), then we just stick them on a tray and prepare for planting. And, since we didn’t have any trays handy, we did yet ANOTHER remissionary project, and used some big lids from plastic bins in the shop that weren’t being used at the moment. The good thing about that is that when the planting is done, the lids will be used on the bins again, as though they’d never lived a double life at all.

And here is the reward for all that thinking and planning – new life!!


Oh…and did I mention…we take the cans to the recycle center after the plants come out. Win-win!!

Another little tidbit that I’ve found funny but useful (no pictures here…TMI) is using the toilet paper roll centers as plant starters too. I wish I could remember who suggested that and I’d give them credit for the idea. Sadly, I can’t…but I know I’ve heard it in several places, so I guess it’s not a new idea – just new to me. And it works!! That’s the important part. The best thing about that idea, other than the ease of planting, is that it becomes compost right there around the plant. We don’t have to do anything other than just stick that baby in the ground, paper roll and all. I wonder if I should change my  title to “The Laaazzzy Gardener” instead of the REmissionary??? Nah.


3 thoughts on “Spring Planting

    • No…not on these. My hubby opened these with the trusty (or not so trusty) electric opener. I prefer the hand-cranked one that takes the rim and lid off together. Which is what I use on the cans I make into handy dandy little sewing room containers.


      • That new electric, cheap, cheap, piece of junk ended up in the trash. now I am back to the hand crank. now what to do with old tires.


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