Just for fun

I guess being a REmissionary counts for photos too, since I like to take a picture and tweak it sometimes. You know…give an old thing a new mission. In this case, the original mission was to preserve memories. The NEW mission is to make me (or you) laugh – or chuckle. Hopefully not groan.

This lovely looking specimen was peering in my family room window one day.  I gasped and ran for the camera, and he gave this little sideways look, as if to say,  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And this window makes a great mirror! ♥”  I was thinking, “Beauty is only skin deep…but ugly goes clear to the bone.”

Found this little fella on the beach. Poor guy, he was all strung out up and down the beach, but we helped him out by putting him back together. I sure hope we got all the parts in the right places!

Then there was this…well, wood you just look at that! And a crabby look, too…squakin’ over his situation in life. This bench was at a lake in WA that I cannot remember the name of (the lake, that is. not the state. I remember the name of the state).  Maybe it was Crystal Lake. We were in the Olympic Rain Forest area, that’s all I remember – other than what a fun trip it was.

And this ol’ feller wasn’t so happy looking , either.  And who can blame him, with that huge honker.  This was also along the Washington coast. When I first saw this from another angle, it looked like a pregnant tree – until I walked around to this side.

Now, I kid you not…I did, in fact, used to live on Stinking Creek. Here’s proof that such a place exists – the exit sign!


There are various and sundry explanations for how it got its name. My older brother said he’d heard at least two, either of which (or maybe even both) could be the answer. One was that in the olden golden days, a cow died upstream and caused an awful stench downstream. The other (and likely the true) reason was that folks used to build their outhouses out over the creek, thus eliminating any need to exert effort to dig holes. He actually remembers using one such outhouse, he assured me.   I have no reason to doubt his sincerity or truthfulness.

I have a whole bunch of other fun photos, but I’ll save them for another day.  Right now, my brain is on overload from looking through the GAZILLIONS in my albums. Spencer has a suggestion for me on how to release all this pent-up cerebral energy.  Exercise!! His way.  So…Spencer…doesn’t exercise consist in lifting that barbell instead of chewing on it?  His answer, “Gnaw!”

OK, you win.  Do it your way.  I’ll do it my way – which is to flex my sit-down muscles while searching my cranial cavities for ideas.  It’s an exercise that keeps me happy and out of trouble, and makes me easier to live with.


Comments release endorphins. FREEDOM TO THE ENDORPHINS!

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