Sewing Machine Cover – REmissionary Project

I finally did it. I made a sewing machine cover. But, since I didn’t have a pattern and didn’t want to mess up my *good* material while experimenting, I used something I found in a free box at a garage sale – a big ol’ pillow cover with a zipper. I love those kinds of finds!! I didn’t have a couch pillow it would fit, and apparently the person running the garage sale didn’t either. So, thank you, garage sale runner person!

First, I measured my sewing machine – it came to about 17″ wide by about 12″ tall. I cut the pillow cover on the side with the seam, away from the fold. I included a 3/8″ seam allowance on all sides.

Next, I took the side seam out, but left the one at the top for now.

Gotta try it to see if I cut it right. It’s close enough.

After making sure it was close to the size I needed, I took the remaining original seam out so I could turn the material over and use the back as the front – I liked the backside better than the front, and it can be used either way.

On the piece that was left after cutting out the front and back, I opened the seam up near the fold. This piece will be for the sides. (see how the material looks on the “wrong” side? I liked it better than the “right” side)

Material opened up on the fold.

Next I folded it up to see if there was enough to cut both of my side pieces from this area. There was!!

The sides of the machine were about 7″ at the bottom and 5″ at the top. I drew it out on some graph paper (love that graph paper!!), but forgot to round the edges. That came later, when I figured out that they needed rounding. LOL

Using the rotary cutter, I cut out both side pieces.

It doesn’t show it here, but I ironed them after cutting them out, to get the crease out from the original fold.

Now, back to the top of the cover…I measured across the top to the handle on either side, and marked the sides with these cool little clips so I’d know how far to sew. I remembered to backstitch too – yay for me!! LOL

After sewing the top seam, I opened it up and sewed down each side, up to the opening for the handle.

I sewed the seams right up to the opening I left for the handle. My original intent was to put a flap on here to cover the handle when it’s not in use. Midway through, though, I changed horses. Decided on a zipper closing instead. You know the old saying about changing horses in the middle….oh, you know.

Turn, backstitch here, then up the other side to the beginning. Do the same for the other side of the opening.

And there’s the opening, ready for the zipper!

I took it back to the machine and tried it out with the new opening sewn in – close enough!

I actually took the lazy way out, since I started this out to be for a flap. I didn’t baste the handle opening shut for the zipper (the recommended way), and I didn’t use my zipper foot (the recommended way too). I just laid the zipper on the backside of this opening, pinned it down, opened the zipper a little way, and started sewing.

Now to test it out, to see if I got it right. Yuppers, it worked! Made me happy.

Now, back to working on the sides. I started to pin them to the top, remembered I needed to round the corners, and took them off again. I used this cute little glass of beads to measure the corners with. Hey, it works.

And THEN I went back and started pinning the sides, beginning at the middle of the top and working my way down each side with the pins.

I then sewed the sides up, ironed the seams open, and topstitched, like on the top. Only…I didn’t actually *topstitch* – I did more of a *bottomstitch* because I did the stitching from the underside so I could see how close to the edge of the seam I was getting. I do things backwards sometimes – but I got the same results as topstitching, so I was happy.

After doing all that to the sides, I put it on the machine and marked where it touched the sewing table. Mine hung down about an inch, so I ironed the seam back 1/2″, as shown here:

and sewed it down:

Then I turned another 1/2″ under, ironed it like before, and sewed it down – from the top this time! (And of course, didn’t get a picture of that step, so you’ll have to use your imagination here).

And…finally…the finished product!

Well, there ya have it. My very first sewing machine cover – a true remissionary project! My very first tutorial too! Hope you enjoy it, can follow it, and will come back when I get something else made and remember to take pictures.

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