time for a road trip

Trip planning

I think I’m ready for another road trip. Time to prepare for it! This was the weekend to make myself a new travel bag. I found an old bandanna pattern muumuu and a denim midi skirt (where else??) at yard sales. Naturally, I couldn’t pass them up. I used the sleeves of the muumuu and part of the front of the skirt. Those pockets were great for the outside of the bag.

I used Butterick pattern 3343, view H. But naturally, I could not leave it as it was. I just HAD to add pockets. It’s listed as a travel bag, so I assume Butterick thinks travel bags don’t need pockets. W R O N G ! ! ! But I only added them to the outside. And since I didn’t put any pockets inside, I made a little matching coin purse for the inside. Hey, I gotta have SOMETHING on the inside!!

The rest of the pattern was as written. Well, almost. I did shorten the handles by two inches also, and didn’t make them from the webbing called for in the pattern. Two reasons: first, I didn’t really want to use webbing, and second, I didn’t have any. I made straps from the two fabrics with the edges encased in the bias binding used on the inside seams.

OK, maybe there was one more thing I did differently. The pattern didn’t call for interfacing nor a liner. I added both; but that stiff interfacing was a BEAR to work with, lemme tell ya!! I do like the way it keeps the form of the bag, though.

With all that done, time to put it to the test. Road trip ideas, anyone?

My glorious, amazing mistake

But hey, it’s art.

I just had to try something yesterday, with a HUGE reversible vest I’d bought at Goodwill – mostly for the buttons. But I wondered about making a bag using reversible fabric, with no lining. So I set out to give ‘er a shot. And I tried not to shoot myself in the foot in the process.

Here is what I came up with. This experiment has proven one thing to me – well, maybe two things. First, I don’t like this style of purse in this type of fabric. Second, the next one I make will have stiff interfacing and a lining. This one is way too floppy to suit me, but at least it’s pretty fabric. :-) I got so engrossed in the project, though, that I only remembered to take pictures of making that first pocket.

I did discover why the vest had smaller pockets on one side – so they could be sewn on first and the ones for the reverse sewn on over them. duh. I shoulda known that…now I do! So I just used the same technique when sewing on all. those. pockets!

Talk to me

I wanted to take part in this week’s photo challenge about dialogue, in which we are to show two photos that speak to each other in some fashion. Well, I indulged in two marathon sewing binges, with very little gab-time (if you don’t count all those conversations I had with myself). ‘course…I coulda been done a whole lot faster if life hadn’t interjected a certain amount of influence on my time. There were groceries to buy, chores to do, people to visit, places to go, dogs to scold…

And here is the final product of a long and happy weekend, narrowed down to only two photos. Remember that vintage fabric I found while visiting my sister? It was not just talking to me – it was screaming at me, “I wanna be a purse! I wanna be a purse! Make me into a purse!!” So I did.

fabricthe purse

What are you?

Sweeping my sewing room floor can be a boring, tedious exercise in futility, or it can be an exciting trek into another world. Today was that other-world experience.

I delved into realms hitherto unknown (behind the trash can) and discovered the mysteries of the miniverse (under the sewing table). It felt just like being a space explorer! Of course, that’s only conjecture on my part, since I’ve never actually BEEN a space explorer, other than the space right around me.

There are creatures down there that are quite fascinating. I found this one and brought it back to the light of day to examine more closely. What could it be? I had to ask!

are you a bird?

are you a bird?

not likely!

 a little horse? cough cough

a little horse?

cough cough

a bat?

a bat?


an alien, then -  you must be an alien!

an alien, then – you must be an alien!

are you kidding me??


Well, aren’t you ANY of these things?

What did he answer??

Wait for it…………………..

No, I’m a frayed knot.

a frayed knot

Finished – again

original capri pant leg

original capri pant leg

Yup, I finished the jeans purse.

I liked the process so much, I took it apart and finished it again. And again.

OK, so I exaggerated just a wee bit. Those two remakes had nothing to do with my love for my seam ripper. They had EVERYTHING to do with making this at midnight-thirty and beyond. I was going along just fine about 7 or 8 pm. It was when I crossed that line into the next day that all reason left me and went to bed, where I should’ve been 4 hours earlier myself.

First, after getting the entire purse put together, I hasted to fill it with all my stuff that I feel compelled to carry with me everywhere I go. Alas, though, when I unzipped the inner pocket to store certain treasures, I discovered that I’d sewn it into the upper seam. How did that happen?????? Ah, of course, I was half asleep and didn’t pay attention – so THAT’S why the top stitching felt so thick. Well, nothing to do but rip out the two rows of top stitching I’d just put in, free the zipped pocket, and restitch.

finally got it right!

finally got it right!

That accomplished, I gleefully refilled the purse, and held it up for inspection. AAAARRRGGGHHHH! What did I see? The flap hung lower than I’d anticipated, so when it was snapped, it made the flap bulge above the snap. Well, I couldn’t let that pass. That meant that the extra piece I’d sewn onto the flap at the beginning, before I’d ever put the purse together, was unnecessary. I’d thought at first that the flap was going to be too short. Obviously not – that’s what I get for doing my own thinking.

Anyway, this meant that I needed to remove the flap completely and remove that extra piece. I was NOT going to take the entire purse apart, no matter HOW much I love using my seam ripper on perfectly good seams. Nope, not gonna happen. I took out just the back seam and the previously redone rows of topstitching.

Remake #2 completed, I topstitched for the third time (minus that second row of topstitching – who needs it!!). Yeah, I know, third time’s the charm, right? Done!

What? It’s only 3 a.m.?? Time for a nap before meeting my friend for a girls’ day out at 7:30 a.m. And of course, I used my newly (re)completed purse! Whatcha think?

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